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Wondermom's eco-shop |  Daisy Roots Shoes

Daisy Roots Shoes

Wondermom's eco-shop |  Daisy Roots Shoes

Baby Girls

We carry a wonderful range of shoes for every little princess. From everyday wear to those special occasions, check out our dainty selection.

Baby Boys

Daisy Roots have not forgotten that little boys fashion matters too. From charming suede brogues to entertaining train shoes, we have something to suit every little mister.

Unisex or Mystery Arrival

This delicious line is perfect for expecting moms, dads, grandparents, cousins and so on, to buy for the mystery arrival. Our personal favourite are the Fuzzy Sheep.


With summer here, these are perfect for those precious little toes to breath in Daisy Roots Sandals. Available in Pale Blue and Lemon.

What makes Daisy Roots so great?

What makes Daisy Roots so great?

In addition to their delightfully attractive designs, Daisy Roots are handmade with a conscious. First of all, every pair of Daisy Roots shoes are made with the softest of leathers or suede providing an inviting space for your little ones toes to grow. That's why Daisy Roots shoes are reccommended by The Child Growth Foundation.
Daisy Roots are not manufactured using the traditional chrome tanning method. Unfortunately, chrome particles remain on the leather following the tanning process and can then be transferred when in contact with
skin. In addition to this, as a heavy metal, chrome is not
bio-degradable and can provide a negative impact
on our water courses and wildlife.

Wondermom's eco-shop |  Daisy Roots Shoes

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