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Wondermom's eco-shop |  Croozer Bike Trailers

Croozer Bike Trailers

Wondermom's eco-shop |  Croozer Bike Trailers

Croozer Kid For 1 2010

The all in one solution! The Croozer Kid For 1 is sold as Bike Trailer, Stroller AND Buggy. No excuses now - it'll fit into every part of your family's lifestyle. What are you waiting for?

Croozer Kid For 2 2010

The all in one! Bike trailer, Buggy and Stroller! Don't feel that you're obligated to have 2 children for the Kid For 2 bike trailer - as a seat up for grabs never stays available for long.

Kiddy Van 101

The Kiddy Van 101 is a sturdy reliable bike trailer for the family or grandparent who only cycle on a casual basis. Comes with everything to hook on your bike and go!

Kiddy Van 101 Plus

The Kiddy Van 101 Plus offers all of the features of the Kiddy Van 101 but with a bonus buggy wheel too. This is ideal for those families who'd like to go cycling on the occasional weekend and would benefit from the option to lock up the bikes and take a stroll around their final destination.

Croozer Accessories

Even such deluxe innovative engineering such as the Croozer Bike Trailers can be added to for your special needs. Such as the *NEW* for 2010 Croozer Integral Baby Sling and Baby Supporter for the moms and dads who just can't wait to get out and about. We also offer rain covers, bunting bags, foot mats and more...

Wondermom's eco-shop |  Croozer Bike Trailers

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