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Who is Wondermom...

Who is Wondermom...

Wondermom is a company of one - a one-mom show some would say. I've always been environmentally conscious but choose to live a modern lifestyle. Not always an easy task and it only became more challenging when my daughter arrived in 2003.

All of the product lines I sell have been either personally used within our family or I really wished I'd known about them when I needed them! I'm really proud of all the eco friendly items I carry but what product really inspired me to create Wondermom in 2007 was the Canadian Chariot Trailers.

Having grown up in the Canadian Rockies, I am a keen outdoor enthusiast. Becoming a mom didn't change that, but it made me compromise how I went about enjoying my activities. We added a Chariot to our family in 2005 and it's been used almost everyday since! I've trained for 2 half marathons with it, been to the shops, parks and general errands. I like to refer to owning a Chariot as not only having a trailer or stroller but owning a whole different lifestyle!

As a new company, I'm always trying to improve the business and welcome any feedback either about the site, products or your experience with Wondermom in general. Also, please feel free to recommend any other products you'd like to see added to the shop.



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